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Pursuant to section 249 of the Local Government Act 1999, notice is hereby given that at its meeting on 21 September 2018, the Council endorsed the proposed By-laws listed below for public consultation. Details regarding the nature and effect of the proposed By-laws are as follows:

1. By-law No. 1 – Permits and Penalties:

A By-law to create a permit system for Council By-laws, to fix maximum and continuing penalties for offences, and to clarify the construction of Council By-laws.

2. By-law No. 2 – Moveable Signs:

A By-law to set standards for moveable signs on roads and to provide conditions for the placement of such signs for the purpose of protecting visual amenity and public safety.

3. By-law No. 3 – Roads By-law:

A By-law to manage, control and regulate certain activities on roads in the Council’s area.

4. By-law No. 4 – Local Government Land:

A By-law to manage and regulate the access to and use of Local Government land (other than roads).

5. By-law No. 5 – Dogs:

A By-law to limit the number of dogs kept on premises and for the management and control of dogs in the Council’s area.

6. By-law No. 6 – Foreshore:

A by-law for the management of foreshores in the Council's area including to regulate certain activities thereon.


Copies of the proposed By-laws are available for public inspection during ordinary office hours at the Council’s main office located at 32 Railway Terrace, Cummins or the Port Lincoln Branch Office, 38 Washington Street, Port Lincoln and are also available below:

By-Law 1 - 2018(246 kb)

By-Law 2 - 2018(261 kb)

By-Law 3 - 2018(270 kb)

By-Law 4 - 2018(415 kb)

By-Law 5 -2018(259 kb)

By-Law 6 - 2018(294 kb)

Members of the public are invited to provide written comment to the Council in respect of the proposed By-laws.

All written comments must be provided to the Council before close of business on Thursday 22 November 2018.


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