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NBN Outages




nbn™ is currently spending $800m nationally to upgrade its Fixed Wireless network and is prioritising Regional SA. The Fixed Wireless network has had higher than anticipated take-up resulting in high usage levels, especially during the busy evening hours. This has resulted in some homes and businesses experiencing slower speeds during these hours. nbn™  is now accelerating upgrades to the network to improve speeds and experience for local residents.


Upgrade works on a number of towers on Lower Eyre Peninsula  will commence on September 30. During this time, some residents may be affected by outages or drop-outs. The outages typically occur during the day and may occur over a number of hours on scheduled days. nbn™ apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. nbn™ will take steps to ensure that any disruption to service is kept to a minimum while also ensuring the safety of its workers.


Affected Towers


Winter Hill



North Shields


Coffin Bay

Port Lincoln South

Louth Bay


Approximate Outage Windows

October 1-5

October 9

October 11

October 14

October 16

(Outages may occur intermittently between 8am and 6pm on these days)

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