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Council Agenda and Minutes Archive

Copies of Council Minutes are now available on line for your convenience.

All documents have been provided in PDF format, and may take a few seconds to download.

2007 - PRESENT

Council Minutes 2005

pdf Council Minutes - May 2015 - FINAL(170 kb)

pdf Council Minutes - May 2015 FINAL(195 kb)

pdf Council Minutes June 2015 - DRAFT(434 kb)

pdf Council Minutes March 2015(359 kb)

pdf Council Minutes April 2015 - DRAFT(333 kb)

pdf February 2015 Council Minutes(181 kb)

pdf January 2015 Council Minutes(221 kb)

pdf December 2014 Council Minutes(325 kb)

pdf November 2014 Council Minutes(307 kb)

pdf October 2014 Council Minutes(369 kb)

pdf September 2014 Council Minutes(461 kb)

pdf August 2014 Council Minutes(481 kb)

pdf July 2014 Council Minutes(224 kb)

pdf June 2014 Council Minutes(395 kb)

pdf May 2014 Council Minutes (Budget)(116 kb)

pdf May 2014 Council Minutes(321 kb)

pdf April 2014 Council Minutes(332 kb)

pdf March 2014 Council Minutes(195 kb)

pdf February 2014 Council Minutes(1670 kb)

pdf January 2014 Council Minutes(142 kb)

pdf December 2013 Council Minutes(115 kb)

pdf November 2013 Council Minutes(193 kb)

pdf October 2013 Council Minutes(162 kb)

pdf September 2013 Council Minutes(773 kb)

pdf August 2013 Council Minutes(331 kb)

pdf July 2013 Council Minutes(371 kb)

pdf June 2013 Council Minutes(422 kb)

pdf May 2013 Council Minutes(517 kb)

pdf May 2013 Council Minutes (Budget)(103 kb)

pdf April 2013 Council Minutes(177 kb)

pdf March 2013 Council Minutes(313 kb)

pdf February 2013 Council Minutes(281 kb)

pdf January 2013 Council Minutes(265 kb)

pdf December 2012 Council Minutes(318 kb)

pdf November 2012 Council Minutes(379 kb)

pdf October 2012 Council Minutes(272 kb)

pdf September 2012 Council Minutes(314 kb)

pdf August 31 2012 Special Council Minutes(169 kb)

pdf August 2012 Council Minutes(444 kb)

pdf July 20 2012 Council Minutes(297 kb)

pdf July 6 2012 Council Minutes(166 kb)

pdf June 2012 Council Minutes(282 kb)

pdf May 2012 Council Minutes(229 kb)

pdf April 2012 Council Minutes(238 kb)

pdf March 2012 Council Minutes(210 kb)

pdf February 2012 Council Minutes(184 kb)

pdf January 2012 Council Minutes(91 kb)

pdf December 2011 Council Minutes(135 kb)

pdf November 2011 Minutes(79 kb)

pdf October 2011 Council Minutes(93 kb)

pdf September 2011 Council Minutes(372 kb)

pdf August 2011 Council Minutes(284 kb)

pdf July 2011 Council(181 kb)

pdf June 2011 Council(125 kb)

pdf May 2011 Council(134 kb)

pdf April 2011 Council(113 kb)

pdf March 2011 Council(114 kb)

pdf February 2011 Council(121 kb)

pdf January 2011 Council(127 kb)

pdf December 2010 Council(74 kb)

pdf November 29 2010 Council(57 kb)

pdf November 12 2010 Council(45 kb)

pdf October 2010 Council(34 kb)

pdf September 2010 Council(29 kb)

pdf August 2010 Council Minutes(49 kb)

pdf 16 July 2010 Council(97 kb)

pdf 2 July 2010 Council Minutes(33 kb)

pdf June 2010 Council(32 kb)

pdf May 2010 Council(37 kb)

pdf May 2010 Council Budget(19 kb)

pdf April 2010 Council(92 kb)

pdf March 2010 Council(35 kb)

pdf Feb 2010 Council(35 kb)

pdf Jan 2010 Council(32 kb)

pdf Dec 2009 Council(33 kb)

pdf Nov 2009 Council(51 kb)

pdf Oct 2009 Council(35 kb)

pdf Aug 2009 Council(31 kb)

pdf September 2009 Council(51 kb)

pdf July 2009 Council(100 kb)

pdf June 2009 Council(59 kb)

pdf May 2009 Council(36 kb)

pdf April 2009 Council(27 kb)

pdf March 2009 Council(40 kb)

pdf February 2009 Council(49 kb)

pdf January 2009 Council(53 kb)

pdf December 2008 Council(29 kb)

pdf November 2008 Council(44 kb)

pdf October 2008 Council(27 kb)

pdf September 2008 Council(42 kb)

pdf July 2008 Council(62 kb)

pdf June 2008 Council(25 kb)

pdf May 2008 Council(49 kb)

pdf April 18 2008 Council(75 kb)

doc April 2008 Special Meeting(34 kb)

pdf April 7 2008 Council(19 kb)

pdf March 2008 Council(35 kb)

pdf January 2008 Council(50 kb)

pdf February 2008 Council(42 kb)

pdf December 2007 Council(32 kb)

pdf November 2007 Council(41 kb)

pdf October 2007 Council(42 kb)

pdf September 2007 Council(33 kb)

pdf July 2007 Council(59 kb)

pdf June 27 2007 Council(108 kb)

pdf June 15 2007 Council(80 kb)

pdf May 2007 Council(73 kb)

pdf April 2007 Council(46 kb)

pdf March 2007 Council(110 kb)

pdf February 2007 Special Council(53 kb)

pdf February 2007 Council(96 kb)

pdf January 2007 Council(101 kb)

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